Bates Zero Mass Tactical Boots from MilitaryDirectBoots.Com

One of the most important pieces of gear that everyone needs is a good pair of boots.  Our friends at Military Direct Boots sent me a pair of Bates Tactical Boots to test and I had a great experience.

The Zero Mass Side Zip Tactical Boots come in two styles, 6 inch and 8 inch; I was sent the 6 inch version in black.  The side zipper is a new feature for me.  I really like it because I’m lazy and it makes it so you don’t have to tighten and tie the boots every time you put them back on.  In many countries, especially those in Asia, you have to remove your footwear whenever entering a building.  The zipper makes this easy and convenient, especially when you have to keep a tight schedule or risk missing a meal.  After removing the boots via the zipper and putting them back on several times, you do have to tighten and tie them again.  They eventually loosen up and risk rubbing on your feet if you do not.  While convenient and great for situations when you need to put them on quickly, using the zipper the majority of the time could lead to some nasty blisters.

These boots were also very light and extremely breathable.  After wearing them for a short period of time, you forget that you are wearing such rugged footwear.  My feet were protected completely and did not feel sore no matter how hard I was on them.  The boots have shock-absorbing molded midsoles and an additionally cushioned insole that is also mildew proof and anti-bacterial.

The boots are built tough and look like they will last for a long time.  They are also lower profile and more sporty looking than your typical tactical boots.  I like these boots a lot and look forward to wearing them for hopefully a long time.

Note: These boots were provided to me as a promotional item and these are my own personal views and opinions.

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2 Responses to Bates Zero Mass Tactical Boots from MilitaryDirectBoots.Com

  1. amr says:

    this is my first time to hear about bates brand , if you can provide the readers with full review that’s will be great.

  2. Garry Bowman says:

    Apart from the ease and comfort these shoes offers, they are adaptable for different kinds of terrains. I like the design a lot the sole is excellent and lasts for many many years despite rough use. The cushioned core inside provides great comfort without making the feet sweat.

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