United Cutlery M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk

United Cutlery is very well known in the cutlery world.  They create high-quality knives and swords for the collector, outdoor enthusiast, and military.  The M48 Kommando collection is an example of some of their more functional tactical tools while adding a little bit of attitude.  The items in the collection are geared towards the military and outdoor enthusiasts and include everything from knives to a tactical shovel.

The M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk is designed to be the “ultimate tactical weapon”.  It has a large 4″ sweeping blade on one side which is designed for chopping and slashing and a slightly hooked double-edged blade on the back, which is designed for puncturing and tearing.  The 8″ head is cast from sturdy anodized stainless steel and is attached to a  fiberglass reinforced (30%) nylon handle with three separate bolts.

The Hawk comes with a nylon sheath, that uses snap buttons to secure the head.  A small belt loop is attached to the sheath so you can secure it to your belt, pack straps, etc.  The handle also comes with an attachment point that is a perfect spot to attach a length of paracord.

I think that the Hawk is a great piece of equipment, especially considering that it is generally priced between $30-$60.  It is so lightweight, around 1.5 pounds, that you barely notice it hanging from your belt.  Even though it is so light, it is still an extremely sturdy tool.  The head slices through heavy tree limbs effortlessly and can penetrate drywall, sheet metal, and plywood very easily.

The only complaint I have is the sheath.  The belt loop is small and makes it difficult to thread anything but standard width belts (1.5 inches and under) through it.  The use of snap buttons on the sheath also makes it difficult to remove or secure the tomahawk quickly.  In combat situations this could be a problem, but anyone looking for something to take camping or to use for demolition should be more than happy with the M48 Hawk.


Please Note: This item was given to me as a gift by my father and the views and opinions in this article are my own.

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  2. Tom A Hawk says:

    this was my first tomahawk and i absolutely love this thing so much. i got mine off of amazon and recieved it in like two days. it actually inspired me to start a website solely for tomahawks and throwing axes. http://www.besttacticaltomahawk.com check it out. but for thirty dollars this was the best thing i think i could have started with and especially for that money

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