Tom Bihn Travel Tray

As we mentioned in our previous review of the Tom Bihn RFID Blocking Passport Pouch, our friends at Tom Bihn sent us some additional travel accessories when we were asked to review the Synapse 19 Backpack.  The Tom Bihn Travel Tray is another one of these items.

Also made from super-tough Dyneema fabric, the Travel Tray is a great accessory to use when removing items from your pockets while on a plane, in a car, or at the end of the day when collapsing in your hotel room.  The fabric is waterproof and very easy to clean while maintaining a classy appearance.

The Travel Tray is 4.5″ deep when open, but doubles it’s storage space when you flip it up and use the nylon drawstring to close it.  This allows you to toss in larger items if you make a pit-stop or need to pack up quickly.

One thing I loved about the Travel Tray is how perfect it is to share snacks with others while on a plane or in a car.  The bowl-like appearance makes it a perfect container and the Dyneema fabric makes it easy to clean after use.  I am looking forward to using it in conjunction with my new TSDD when my son gets a little older and starts eating solid foods.  It’ll make the perfect container for his Cheerios whenever we travel.

Please Note: This product was sent to me as a promotional item and these are my own views and opinions.

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