782 Gear Firebase Duffel

As a frequent traveler, I am constantly using and abusing various pieces of luggage.  If I emptied out my closet at home right now we would find several generic rolling luggage sets, 5-10 cheap duffel bags, multitudes of backpacks, shoulder bags, etc.  I find myself constantly patching and fixing bags and finding ways to make them more resistant to the obstacles encountered in transit.  Many of the duffel bags I own have uncomfortable straps that make them too hard to carry and they all have various holes and patches because of the constant wear and tear they see in my world travels.  The rolling luggage is easier to transport and made of sturdier material, but they don’t fit well in tight spaces (e. g. airplane overhead bins, under bus seats, in small boats, etc) and constantly lose their wheels (this happened to me twice this year).  Until recently, I was considering purchasing a larger-sized backpack to compensate for the deficiencies of the other bags I own; however, thanks to our friends at 782 Gear, I think I have found the answer.

The 782 Gear Firebase Duffel has filled a void in my life that I never thought would be filled by just one bag.  The rugged nylon and PVC outside is highly resistant to water and the heavy foam padding throughout the bag makes it resistant to physical abuse that frequently occurs in transit.  In my fields tests I managed to get it wet, dirty, and transfer it into the possession of the TSA and others multiple times.  Each time, the contents of the bag came back to me dry, clean, and unbroken.  Not only does the bag hold up under pressure, but it has many useful features.

The bag has a standard open cavity space like most duffel bags, but that is where the similarities end.  Upon opening the duffel the first thing you notice is the bright orange interior with Velcro strips on the inside.  It took me a few minutes to realize what the strips were used for, but once I did, I was excited.  The duffel comes with a divider that can be adjusted into various positions because of the Velcro.  This allows you to separate your gear in almost any way imaginable.  The duffel also has multiple pockets for you to store smaller items throughout.  The obvious pockets are on the interior sides and the interior of the flap that closes the bag.  There are also two hidden pockets on the outside of the duffel that make great places to store small items you need access to while traveling.

My favorite feature of the bag is one that will cost you a little extra, but in my opinion, makes this the ultimate duffel bag.  782 Gear sells contoured backpack straps that turn the duffel into a very comfortable backpack/rucksack.  The straps may cost extra, but they turn this into a dual purpose item, which in my opinion outweighs the cost.

Please Note: This was given to me as a promotional item and these are my own views and opinions.

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